22 May 2008 @ 06:19 am
Hello, You  
We miss You.
We love You.
We want to see You.
We are not over You.
We wonder why You are doing this to us and simply letting go and moving on and not care about us anymore.

We have loved You
and of course, hated You.
You see,
You are in our blogs titles and
screen names.

We all write about You
but there is no You.
You see,
You are Us, a result
of self importance.
22 May 2008 @ 04:45 am
The end of the road, possible beginning of another shall we say?

Christopher wants to throw away 525 DVDs in his house. If 68 DVDs can be put in a box, find the number of boxes Christopher needs to dispose of all the DVDs.

       Let x be the number of boxes needed,

                                                               x >/= 525/68
                                                               x >/= 7.72

       Therefore, Christopher needs 8 boxes.

I don't have enough boxes for all her DVDs.

Maybe I can use a rope - tie them up and throw them away.
20 May 2008 @ 06:57 pm
Why do we need costumes?
Let's rip them in the next act.
They will see naked souls
wandering around the stage.
19 May 2008 @ 09:35 am
The numbers define us. We welcome them with open arms.
30 April 2008 @ 11:35 pm
What They Say  
Constant angry stares from the calories table,
the small pack of crisps burns
in your stomach.
Crisps give you a love handle, they say.

Too many fruit meals makes
it difficult to think or see.
You decide to go jogging anyway
Persistence is the key, they say.

The next morning, they will find you
in the sports ground, lying
next to an advertisement of Perfect Shape.
What a tragedy, they will all say.
30 April 2008 @ 02:56 pm
30000 feet above ground  
30000 feet above ground someone asked my name,
I said nothing.
My eyes were following orange clouds
as they drifted.
They had never been so close.

A tiny screen before me was moving.
The plane on the map
travelled at the speed of light,
despite my attempts to delay it.
The captain announced we are
an hour from the destination.

30000 feet above ground someone else asked my name,
I still said nothing.
My mind was chasing light from the window
where we used to read next to.
It had never been so distant.
10 April 2008 @ 04:52 pm
To take us away  
Running is not an option,
because there is a pond between us.
Your delayed gaze from across
burns a hole in the front pocket of my shirt.

Rambling is not an option,
because nobody wants to listen.
We throw messages to each other, they
fall under a million shaking voices.

Arguing is not an option,
because lovers do not disagree.
Words leave my mouth and travel until I
forget what I have said.

Dreaming is an option,
I'd like a penny for every nightmare, so that
I could afford a rocket to take us away.
05 April 2008 @ 03:20 pm
Spring, 2007  
I lay next to the Silent Valley,
watching tourists pass by
listening as the Fraser sisters rolled down a hill.

We put flowers in our hair
and sang as we were climbing on a wall made of
stones of various shapes.

We drove from Banbridge to Newcastle,
the coast glowed in the dark,
as I gazed over the Irish Sea.

I wrote their names in Chinese.
Faces lit up as they were reading
their names in alien characters.

Six thousand miles away now,
the stones, the characters, and my smile
are still there.
01 April 2008 @ 06:13 pm
We travelled on a bus
to Grandpa's home town,
four hours across the border,
where bulls stared at dump trucks.

Father talked to two boys
in a language we didn't understand
told us 'these are your cousins'.
They asked questions with their eyes.

But we failed to answer -
they didn't speak Cantonese or English.
And with frequent sips of water,
we legitimised our silence.

My ears were burning
while my brother's head hung low.
It was the closest we could be.
Cousins are bound only by blood.

On the bus homewards,
I wondered if they would also
write a poem about me
in another language.
16 March 2008 @ 05:46 pm
Hide And Seek  
I shout "One! Two! Three!..."
with my hands over my face.
I peek between my fingers,
you are walking back and forth.

I shout "A hundred!"
as my feet take flight, looking
under tables,
beside gates,
behind bashes,
and above clouds.

I shout "Where are you?"
but my eyes do not answer.
I sit down and wonder
if it is still my turn.
11 March 2008 @ 05:11 pm
Before we fell into the centre of the earth  
Before we fell
into the centre of the earth,
we looked at our list of emergency.

We took a television,
because Papa liked to watch
some Chelsea games
(although there is no Chelsea).

We took a dishwasher,
because Mama hated to wash
dishes for five people
(although we didn't bring the dishes).

We took a computer,
because Sister had to wander
around MSN, Facebook and MySpace
(although we don't have internet).

We took a mini stereo too,
because Brother had to attend
lectures by Ozzy Osbourne
(although no one likes him).

I took Harvey.
He is tiny, easy to carry,
and he never barks at us.

As we jumped in,
following Papa, Mama, Sister and Brother,
Harvey and I smiled at each other.
08 March 2008 @ 08:30 am
These are photographs of me  
Time is lying, withering
on a beach, wondering
if it can still gather itself.

They say he is crazy, but
he is closer to the flow.
It scares him. Even as
a man from the old times,
he is sophisticated and
he thinks to himself.

You say they are from
another world, but they
eat, sleep, fight and
sin just like you do.

They are young, but
they are already used to
uniforms and fighting
against the evil.

Scattered on a table,
I interpret the messages behind,
making sense
of every photograph,
and of myself.
05 March 2008 @ 08:27 am
A Fond Farewell  
I no longer see the red toothbrush
next to the green one.

Their hugs squeeze me
to death, almost.

There is a smell of pancakes
around, but I have nothing to eat.

Hitting my head against the wall
still does not make me understand.

I try to smile, it pour on me.
I hear him laugh.

I rush out on my bare feet
to see the hands waving me

02 March 2008 @ 01:11 pm
He never gives flowers. He leads me to the damp grass.

Before any colour is seen, million senses meet the finger tips.
24 February 2008 @ 12:22 pm
Exercise: A Rainy Afternoon  
You open the window,
stretched out is one arm,
waiting for happiness to fall
into the palm.

I put on our favourite song.
The old rhythm sounds like our footsteps back at school.

We lie on the bed,
absorbed are two idlers,
watching as memories drip down
from the ceiling.

I hear your breath.
The steady pace feels like the music in the background.
Current Mood: melancholy
19 February 2008 @ 03:23 am
Sometimes it is hard to fall asleep. I'd think about things that might happen within the few hours that I am asleep. They could be taking place right outside my house or on the other side of the world, which would be the same because either way I'd be completely unaware. This thought scares me because there are a lot of things I'd like to witness.

I don't want to miss the total lunar eclipse.

I don't want to miss the first flower blossoming on that tree across the road.
14 February 2008 @ 06:21 am
Scene Writing  
A living room. Emily, a woman in her late twenties, walks in. She is followed by Andy, a young man in his early twenties. Emily moves about in the room turning lights on and Andy looks about awkwardly.

Emily: Take a seat, make yourself at home.
(Andy sits and looks around nervously.)
Emily: Would you like some tea?
Andy: Uh yes please.
Emily walks out, and reappears with a photo album in her hands.
Emily: These are pictures of my trips in the past few years, you might want to be bored (laughs to herself).
Andy: (takes the album and puts it on his lap) Thanks.
(He flips through and studies the album, Emily makes tea on the table with her back facing the sofa.)
Emily: So… How long are you staying in town for?
Andy: (looks up) Not too long hopefully.
Emily: Have you been to London yet?
Andy: Ah no, I'm not going there.
Emily: Well that's a shame. You really should take a…
Andy: (closes the album) Yeah, Emily, I need to talk to you about something.
Emily: (talks quickly) I mean, you have to get on the Eye at least once and take some pictures over the river…
Andy: (stands up) But I came for you. You need to come back.
Emily: Hmm… You must want to visit one of the stadiums as well. Guys love football and all…
Andy: (slightly annoyed, walks closer to Emily) He's dying.
Emily: (turns away) I don't think I can take you around town. I have to work six days. Maybe one of my friends could…
Andy: (loudly, walks up behind her) Emily, shut up and listen to me! Our grandfather is dying!
Emily: (softly) I know.
Andy: Then come back and see him!
Emily: I will not.
Andy: Why?!
Emily: I think you should go.
Andy: What the fuck is this Emily? Do you seriously think you could just leave everything behind like this and pretend you have never been there and you have never hurt us?
Emily: (frustrated) You don't know a fucking thing.
Andy: What's there to know? You're an arse? Well I already know that, but Dad and Mum still want to see you!
Emily: Just do me a favour and leave.
Andy: (sarcastically) Oh it's okay Emily, because I will. (He walks towards the door.) And by the way, here're your adventures!
(He tosses the album on the floor, opens the door, leaves and slams the door. Emily stares at the tea cup.)
Current Mood: tired
24 January 2008 @ 06:00 am
I remember the pace.
16 January 2008 @ 08:48 am
Exercise: I know you are [ ]  
I know you are looking for the letter she gave you
before the plane took off, it was too short to be
read during a flight.

I know you are looking for the drops of rain you collected
in a jam jar for primary science class, you got soaked but you
saw a rainbow afterwards.

I know you are looking for the scent of Grandma's sweater, you told
her you were too sick to walk so she carried you.

I know you are looking for the longitude and latitude
on the map where you used to
lie on the damp grass.

I know you are looking for the poster
of your favourite punk rock band, it was
torn apart by Dad.

I know you are looking for the tiny mushrooms that grew
in the garden, you thought they could be eaten.

I know you are looking for the lyrics of the song you sang
with your brothers in church, which you
tried to recite and scrutinize.

I know you are looking for the laughter that brought you
up in space when you leaped through the mountains
covered in snow.

I know you are looking for that place in the long abandoned woods,
and you might find it some day.
Current Mood: moody
15 January 2008 @ 08:25 am
Dear brother,

I'm staying with a friend in a village near the coast. We climbed some mountains while singing along yesterday, which was good fun. As you can tell from this card, the scenery was spectacular. My friend owns a small farm beside her house and I've been helping her with it for a week. I'm really enjoying it here. Hope you are well.

Love, Emily

Memory must be extremely selective. I cannot recall anything before she walked away.

I remember other things, like where I've put the first letter I ever wrote. I was 12. After I had written that, I realized I didn't have an address to send to.

Dear Emily,

The postcard is very nice, thank you. How are you?

Your trip is good. I want to travel to Europe too. Mum and Dad said you will bring me travel in the future.

Mother miss you, when do you come back?

P.S. My English is no good, but father said you not read Chinese. So I am writing English now.